Thank you for looking at our solid reclaimed wood cooler stand!

Tired of bending over and breaking your back just to relax and grab a cold drink? Sick of your cooler not looking so 'cool' at your events? Already have a cooler, but need a more attractive and functional party setup?

Our cooler stands add that perfect combination of attractive design and something solid to 'hieghten' your good times!

You can simply slide your cooler on or out of the stand as needed!

The cooler stand is approx. 30" tall.

A cast iron bottle opener is included on each cooler stand for all your bottle opening needs.

The wood cooler has been either stained or water treated and is ready to be stored and used outside or inside, as you wish.

Wood Cooler Stand

  • We sand and water seal or stain our products as described in the item listing.

    As with all wood products, buyers must upkeep products based on use and wear and tear. Re-sanding, cleaning, and staining may be required intermittently.