Our reclaimed wood hanging planters will make any outdoor or indoor space Pinterest worthy!


These are French cleat mounted planters, and we will provide the pre-drilled holes and hardware for you to hang them quickly and easily!

These would also be great in classrooms, craft rooms, and kids rooms to organize and display your favorite items!


When not hanging on a vertical surface, these can sit freely on a flat surface as well, just like normal planter boxes. Never worry about not being able to move these boxes after mounting!



We currently offer 3ft, 2ft, and 1ft planter boxes. (Sizes may not be exact based on the type of wood used, but are VERY close to the measurements provided).


We can do custom sizing and styles as well!!

Due to our commitment to only using reclaimed and recycled wood for all of our products, each piece is truly unique and equally beautiful!

We use a low grit sandpaper in order to help preserve the unique qualities of reclaimed wood.


We water seal every garden box to ensure your garden boxes are protected. Boxes will need to be water sealed more or less frequently based on the amount of sun and weather exposure they are exposed to. Minimum suggestion would be once a year.


If you have ANY questions about these lovely planters, or would like to request custom stains or styles, please feel free to reach out to us at any time so we can address them promptly.

Vertical Planter Box

  • We sand and water seal or stain our products as described in the item listing.

    As with all wood products, buyers must upkeep products based on use and wear and tear. Re-sanding, cleaning, and staining may be required intermittently.