Thank you for looking at our Silverware Serving Tray/Cheese Tray!!!!

All of our serving trays are made out of reclaimed and recycled wood. Due to our love and commitment to using only reclaimed and recycled products, each tray may vary slightly, but will be your own unique piece of beautiful and functional decor!!

Often used as a cheese tray, serving tray, or even a display piece for your home. No matter how you use it, it is going to look fabulous!!!


Large: ~18.5" x 11"
Medium: ~15.5" x 11"


Silverware Serving Tray

  • We sand and water seal or stain our products as described in the item listing.

    As with all wood products, buyers must upkeep products based on use and wear and tear. Re-sanding, cleaning, and staining may be required intermittently.