The holidays are here and we are excited to bring you these adorable wood slice ornaments!

These not only make amazing Christmas tree decor, but would be an adorable addition to your gift wrapping/giving this season!

Each ornament is hand cut and the lettering is individually burned onto the wood.

Due to the nature of our commitment to only using reclaimed wood, we do NOT cut down trees for these, which guarantees a truly unique ornament that may vary slightly. Each ornament is equally as beautiful and fun!


Diameter varies from ~3.5" - 5"

If you would like something custom burned onto these ornaments, just message us and we would be happy to create them for you!

Thank you for shopping small with us!

Let It Snow Ornament

  • We sand and water seal or stain our products as described in the item listing.

    As with all wood products, buyers must upkeep products based on use and wear and tear. Re-sanding, cleaning, and staining may be required intermittently.