All the craziness of quarantine have you wishing you could send 'good vibes' to all of your loved ones? Why send flowers that will die when you can send a little reminder that stays with them forever?

Well, now you can literally send good vibes to anyone you know!

We include a card in the purchase for you to leave a personalized note for the recipient, too!

Each wood sign is made from only eco-friendly reclaimed wood, and each letter is burned by hand, ensuring that each piece is truly as unique as the person receiving it.

Approx. Dimensions:
9" x 4"


Good Vibes Care Package

  • We sand and water seal or stain our products as described in the item listing.

    As with all wood products, buyers must upkeep products based on use and wear and tear. Re-sanding, cleaning, and staining may be required intermittently.